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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

As every wedding is different and we always design a bespoke package for each client, our fees are not fixed. You might just want a photographer, you’ll probably want your event filmed and you might want to take advantage of our drone capabilities.

So we need to know some basic information such as the date of your wedding, the number of guests, if there are different locations, and how long your event is for instance. Get in touch and we can talk about how to give you exactly what you want on your special day for the best possible price.

How many photographers and videographers will come to my wedding?

The number of personnel we will provide depends on the decisions you make about how you want us to make the perfect record of your wedding. It might vary from 2 to 6 professionals.

Do you always use drone photography?

There are some factors, such as areas close to the airports or in very built-up areas that might mean drone activity is not allowed by law. The weather on the day can also be a factor. Get in touch via email or phone and we can tell you more.

Do you take family photos?

We think it is an essential element of any wedding to take some formal family photographs. Of course, if for some reason you don’t want this part of our service, that’s fine too. We know that it isn’t often that your entire family comes together and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to take photos that can be handed down through generations.

How many photos will I get?

This all depends on you – the general plan of your wedding, the exact details you arrange with us, how long you want us to be in attendance etc. We would usually expect to take around 400 to 1000 pictures, capturing every important moment of your wedding.

What deposit do I pay and when is the balance due?

We ask for a third of the total amount as a deposit to secure our services on the date of the wedding. As for the balance, we are happy to come to arrangements that suit us all.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use top of the range Canon or Nikon cameras and lenses. For Video we use Sony Broadcast quality cameras capturing 4k images. Our photo quality is up 30 Megapixels, and 4k video means you have a fully future-proofed super high definition digital format.

We have multiple equipment backups to ensure that our services can never be affected by technical failure. We invest heavily in our equipment so that you can be sure of getting perfect results.

Can we share our photos and film on social media and with our family?

Yes of course. There are no copyright restrictions of any kind on the work we do for you, so you are free to use images and footage in any way you want to. We do value ‘word of mouth’ publicity so if you want to credit us for our work that always makes us happy.

How long will the wedding film be?

We usually make an ‘edited highlights’ film of around 6 to 9 minutes duration as research shows this is the optimum length. Of course, we also provide you with all of the footage we capture on the day, along with the original audio soundtrack.

What happens if you are ill or unable to attend for any reason?

Although Daniel prides himself on attending every booking and has a very ‘hands on’ approach, the advantages of having a close-knit team means that we can always guarantee a top quality service even if the most unlikely events were to happen.

Email us to find out exactly how we can make your happiest day even better!

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